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Root and Grind Consulting and Design is your go-to partner for business, branding and balancing entrepreneurship. We work closely with highly ambitious industry leaders to build and brand their businesses, focusing on strategic planning, operational efficiency, and optimizing brand presence.


Our mission is to create positive change by providing tailored solutions and fostering work-life balance for entrepreneurs.


With a vision to inspire and empower visionaries through innovation, we aim to guide individuals and businesses towards long-term success in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.

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Kyra Stigler


Hi there! I'm a wife, a mom to three wonderful kids, and the founder of Root and Grind Co. My journey began as a way to heal during a tough time in my life, and it's turned into a career I love, where I get to turn my passions into success.

During a rough patch, I found solace in creating something meaningful that could also help support my family. That's how 6Twenty2 Creative Studio started. The name came from a verse in Matthew 6:22 that really spoke to me, guiding me toward positivity and growth.

Even with life's challenges, I'm currently working on my MBA with a focus on business analytics. For me, data and technology are more than just tools; they're the keys to innovation and progress. That's why specializing in informatics felt like the right choice.

This business is my passion project. I love helping others succeed, both in their careers and personal lives.

Learning the importance of confidence in achieving success has been a big lesson for me. It's what drives me to empower others and blend creativity with technology to make a difference.

I'm excited to work together, hear about your goals, and help your business grow. Your success is our goal, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Our vision is to be the catalyst for inspiration and empowerment among visionaries. We aspire to foster creativity and resilience, guiding individuals and businesses toward enduring. Through innovation and holistic support, we envision a future where prosperity is synonymous with well-being, both professionally and personally.

Kyra Stigler

Chief Executive Officer

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